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1416 Chancellor St
Philadelphia , PA 19102-3810
(215) 670-9999


Gold Club can be found at 1416 Chancellor St . The following is offered: Private Clubs - In Philadelphia there are 84 other Private Clubs. An overview can be found here.


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Adolf Joke Bidenfilth wrote on 01-22-2022

Illegitimate Voter Fraud Placed Demented Corrupt Pedophile

THE NEW KYLE RITTENHOUSE LAW ------------------------------- Center City, Philadelphia is so proud to share the names of the nicest areas of the City with the Great American Hero, Kyle Rittenhouse. In fact, it would be an honor to officially change the names Rittenhouse and Rittenhouse Square to Kyle Rittenhouse and Kyle Rittenhouse Square. ����� ------------------------------- A precedent was set that if someone is a Democrat Nazi who supports the most disgusting Political Party in world history & is therefore a treasonous traitor to America, there's justification to kill that person. The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict confirmed this. Let me clarify though. Normal humans aka Republicans/Trump Supporters can't go around putting Democrat Nazis out of their pathetic misery for no reason. That's against the law. However, if a Democrat Nazi provokes a physical altercation with a normal human aka a Republican/Trump Supporter, they're 100 percent justified to do whatever the hell they want to that Democrat Nazi, even to the level of putting them to death. Ex. I'm walking down the street minding my own business. A Democrat Nazi BLM Felon, one of their white trash hanger on junkies, or an Antifa Wimpy Scrawny Turd (which they all are) thinks he's a tough guy because he's wearing what he thinks is an intimidating mask & is carrying a weapon & walks up to me & threatens me with physical violence. I'm allowed based on the Second Amendment of the Constitution & its self defense clause to maim or even kill that Democrat Nazi. That could mean smashing their head into a brick wall many times, lighting them on fire, forcing them up to the top of a big building & throwing them off the roof, running them over if I have a car nearby, using a deadly weapon that I have on hand, like a hammer, axe, or saw & slaughter the BLM Terrorist/White Trash Hanger On/Antifa Wimp With Weapon. Or I'm justified if I have a gun & it's legally licensed to put them out of their criminal mentally deranged misery like The Great Kyle Rittenhouse, one of the ultimate American heroes did. It was proven that he was perfectly justified in doing that. This should send a clear message that BLM Terrorists/White Trash Hanger Ons/Antifa Wimps With Weapons shouldn't look for trouble. Because normal people aka Republicans/Trump Supporters aren't going to hesitate in Demented Corrupt Pedophile Biden's Dysfunctional America to do severe damage to BLM Terrorists/White Trash Hanger Ons/Antifa Wimps With Weapons, the lowest scum on Earth, besides Biden himself. Ideally every one of them would wind up like the 2 stupid bastards who provoked The Great Kyle Rittenhouse---Antifa Pedophile Mental Patient Joseph Rosenbaum & Antifa Gutless Douchebag Anthony Huber, who was stupid enough to hit The Great Kyle Rittenhouse over the head with a skateboard. So BLM Terrorists/White Trash Hanger Ons/Antifa Wimps With Weapons, very simple---look for trouble & die. Or don't look for trouble & live. The choice is yours. But being a BLM Terrorist/White Trash Hanger On, or an Adolf Georgie Soros' recruited member of Antifa Wimps With Weapons means that you're an out of control moron. So you'll just have to receive the Great Kyle Rittenhouse treatment & die & Democrat Nazis will have to stop being whining hypocritical assholes. They prefer criminals to law abiding citizens & evil behavior to good behavior. A Democrat Nazi is a subhuman animal. God Bless The Great American Hero, Kyle Rittenhouse!!!!


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